Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cthor::Distribution< float >
 Cthor::Distribution< sf::Color >
 Cthor::Distribution< sf::Time >
 Cthor::Distribution< sf::Vector2f >
 Cthor::Distribution< unsigned int >
 Cthor::ActionClass for dynamic actions that are connected with SFML events
 Cthor::ActionContext< ActionId >Structure containing information about the context in which an action has occurred
 Cthor::ActionMap< ActionId >Class template that associates identifiers with dynamic actions
 Cthor::AnimationAffectorAffector that animates particles using a function
 Cthor::AnimationMap< Animated, Id >Class that stores multiple animations
 Cthor::Animator< Animated, Id >Class to animate objects
 Cthor::ArrowDrawable arrow class
 Cthor::BigSpriteSprite using big textures
 Cthor::BigTextureClass for textures which are too big for sf::Texture
 Cthor::ColorAnimationChanges an object's color smoothly over time
 Cthor::ColorGradientClass to implement color gradients
 Cthor::ConcaveShapeConcave shape class
 Cthor::ConnectionClass that maintains control over a registered object
 Cthor::Distribution< T >Class holding a rule to create values with predefined properties
 Cthor::Edge< V >Edge that contains two vertices (its endpoints or corners)
 Cthor::EmissionInterfaceClass that connects emitters with their corresponding particle system
 Cthor::ParticleSystemClass for particle systems
 Cthor::EventSystem< Event, EventId >Class for object-oriented handling of user-defined events
 Cthor::FadeAnimationLets an object fade in or out
 Cthor::ForceAffectorApplies a translational acceleration to particles over time
 Cthor::FrameAnimationChanges a sprite's subrect over time
 Cthor::JoystickAxisContains information about a joystick number, an axis and its threshold
 Cthor::JoystickButtonContains information about a joystick number and button number
 Cthor::ParticleParticle class
 Cthor::PolarVector2< T >Vector in polar coordinate system
 Cthor::RefAnimation< Animation >Class to reference another animation
 Cthor::ResourceAccessExceptionException class for invalid resource access
 Cthor::ResourceHolder< R, I, O >Class that is responsible of the management of resources like images, fonts or music
 Cthor::ResourceLoader< R >Class storing loading information for resources
 Cthor::ResourceLoadingExceptionException class for failed resource allocation
 Cthor::Resources::CentralOwnerCentralized ownership policy
 Cthor::Resources::RefCountedReference-counted ownership policy
 Cthor::ScaleAffectorScales particles over time
 Cthor::ScopedConnectionRAII style connection with automatic disconnect
 Cthor::StopWatchPausable clock class that measures elapsed time
 Cthor::StringConversionExceptionException class for failed string conversions
 Cthor::TimerClock class that has the semantics of a countdown timer
 Cthor::CallbackTimerAdvanced timer with the ability to trigger function calls
 Cthor::TorqueAffectorApplies a rotational acceleration to particles over time
 Cthor::Triangle< V >Triangle class consisting of 3 vertices (its corners)
 Cthor::TriangulationTraits< V >Traits template to implement the Vertex concept
 Cthor::TrigonometricTraits< T >Trigonometric traits template
 Cthor::UniversalEmitterClass that emits particles with customizable initial conditions