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 NResourcesNamespace for resource-related functionality
 CCentralOwnerCentralized ownership policy
 CRefCountedReference-counted ownership policy
 CActionClass for dynamic actions that are connected with SFML events
 CActionContextStructure containing information about the context in which an action has occurred
 CActionMapClass template that associates identifiers with dynamic actions
 CAnimationAffectorAffector that animates particles using a function
 CAnimationMapClass that stores multiple animations
 CAnimatorClass to animate objects
 CArrowDrawable arrow class
 CBigSpriteSprite using big textures
 CBigTextureClass for textures which are too big for sf::Texture
 CCallbackTimerAdvanced timer with the ability to trigger function calls
 CColorAnimationChanges an object's color smoothly over time
 CColorGradientClass to implement color gradients
 CConcaveShapeConcave shape class
 CConnectionClass that maintains control over a registered object
 CDistributionClass holding a rule to create values with predefined properties
 CEdgeEdge that contains two vertices (its endpoints or corners)
 CEmissionInterfaceClass that connects emitters with their corresponding particle system
 CEventSystemClass for object-oriented handling of user-defined events
 CFadeAnimationLets an object fade in or out
 CForceAffectorApplies a translational acceleration to particles over time
 CFrameAnimationChanges a sprite's subrect over time
 CJoystickAxisContains information about a joystick number, an axis and its threshold
 CJoystickButtonContains information about a joystick number and button number
 CParticleParticle class
 CParticleSystemClass for particle systems
 CPolarVector2Vector in polar coordinate system
 CRefAnimationClass to reference another animation
 CResourceAccessExceptionException class for invalid resource access
 CResourceHolderClass that is responsible of the management of resources like images, fonts or music
 CResourceLoaderClass storing loading information for resources
 CResourceLoadingExceptionException class for failed resource allocation
 CScaleAffectorScales particles over time
 CScopedConnectionRAII style connection with automatic disconnect
 CStopWatchPausable clock class that measures elapsed time
 CStringConversionExceptionException class for failed string conversions
 CTimerClock class that has the semantics of a countdown timer
 CTorqueAffectorApplies a rotational acceleration to particles over time
 CTriangleTriangle class consisting of 3 vertices (its corners)
 CTriangulationTraitsTraits template to implement the Vertex concept
 CTrigonometricTraitsTrigonometric traits template
 CUniversalEmitterClass that emits particles with customizable initial conditions