Welcome to the Games section! Here I share some of the games I have developed. I use C++ as programming language. The mostly used libraries are SFML, Boost and my own project Thor.

The games require dynamic runtime libraries. Often, they are already installed; however if you get a message concerning missing DLL or SO files, you can download the redistributables here and place them into the directory of the executable (or the Runtime subdirectory on Linux):


My first published project is Airport, a simple 2D game where you have to guide planes to the airfield.

Zloxx II

Zloxx II is a Jump'n'Run where you have to complete each level while taking up items and defeating enemies. This is one of my most ambitious game projects so far.

A Temporary Outbreak

In A Temporary Outbreak, you fight zombies with the option of altering the past.

In Soviet Russia

Developed within 20 hours, In Soviet Russia lets you explore the depths of Siberia and encounter unexpected creatures of all kinds. Or so.

Cinnamon Warfare

Another 20-hour contest game: In Cinnamon Warfare, you have to defend Santa Claus with his gingerbread-building rocket and a Rudolph-powered cinnamon star cannon.