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thor::Particle Class Reference

Particle class More...

Public Member Functions

 Particle (sf::Time totalLifetime)
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

sf::Vector2f position
 Current position.
sf::Vector2f velocity
 Velocity (change in position per second).
float rotation
 Current rotation angle.
float rotationSpeed
 Angular velocity (change in rotation per second).
sf::Vector2f scale
 Scale, where (1,1) represents the original size.
sf::Color color
 Particle color.
unsigned int textureIndex
 Index of the used texture rect, returned by ParticleSystem::addTextureRect()

Related Functions

sf::Time getElapsedLifetime (const Particle &particle)
 Returns the time passed since the particle has been emitted.
sf::Time getTotalLifetime (const Particle &particle)
 Returns the total time the particle is alive.
sf::Time getRemainingLifetime (const Particle &particle)
 Returns the time left until the particle dies.
float getElapsedRatio (const Particle &particle)
 Returns elapsed lifetime / total lifetime.
float getRemainingRatio (const Particle &particle)
 Returns remaining lifetime / total lifetime.
void abandonParticle (Particle &particle)
 Marks a particle for removal. More...

Detailed Description

Particle class

This class represents single particles of a particle system. It stores properties like position, rotation, scale, movement, color and life time.
You normally don't have to work directly with particles outside of an affector or emitter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

thor::Particle::Particle ( sf::Time  totalLifetime)


totalLifetimeHow long the particle totally exists.

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