Here is a list of all modules:
 AnimationsClasses able to animate graphical objects in different ways
 GraphicsMiscellaneous graphics-related functionality, such as specialized sprites or color helpers
 InputFeatures related to user input, such as object-oriented event callbacks
 MathMathematical functionality, such as random number generator or trigonometric wrappers
 ParticlesContains a particle system based on textures. The module also provides several affector and emitter classes
 ResourcesProvides a resource manager for various resource types (textures, fonts, sound buffers, ...)
 ShapesExtensions for sf::Shape, like concave shapes or predefined figures
 TimeSupplies classes to measure time. These are convenient wrappers around sf::Clock
 VectorsA lot of operations based on sf::Vector2 and sf::Vector3. For specific overview, see VectorAlgebra2D.hpp and VectorAlgebra3D.hpp