Cinnamon Warfare

This game has been developed during an overnight contest in a team with 3 other guys. The contest theme was winter dream.

As a result of abysmal working conditions, the Snowmen's Labor Union declared strike. Snowmen equipped with jetpacks have coordinated an attack to steal Santa Claus' favorite underpants, in an attempt to blackmail him.

Load the Cinnamon Star Cannon and launch Santa's Personal Rocket to build a defense wall made of gingerbreads. Coordinate as a team of two and defeat the revolt! Only the upper sector is heated, make sure the Santa Rocket stays inside. A circle of lamps indicates your hitpoints.

Cinnamon Warfare Screenshot



Player 1 - Rudolph-powered Cinnamon Star Cannon
Shoot snowmen and incoming projectiles!

Player 2 - Santa's Personal Rocket
Stay in the heated region and build a defense of gingerbreads!


Cinnamon Warfare, Windows