Welcome to my personal homepage. I am Jan, a C++ developer who is interested in the creation of games and game-related programming libraries. I use this site to share some of my projects.

Thor 2.0

July 2015

Thor 2.0 has finally been released, featuring massive improvements over Thor 1. Check it out!

Zloxx 2.3

May 2015

Another iteration of the little platformer Zloxx, coming with fundamental improvements: scenery animations, smoother glow effects, acceleration physics, climax and ending screen, framerate stability...

Articles on C++ and Game Development

January 2014

Articles are a new section on my homepage. I will use them to share some insights about C++ and game development, and hope you find them useful! This is not a blog, so do not expect new articles in a regular manner.

Zloxx 2.2

October 2013

A new version of Zloxx II, the Jump'n'Run game, is now available. I have ported it to Linux and spent a lot of time to enhance the graphical appearance with a variety of new effects and improved textures. More...

SFML Book released

June 2013

The first book about SFML, which I authored together with two other guys, has been released! SFML Game Development covers the process of developing a top-scrolling aircraft shooter, using only the SFML library. More...

Zloxx II

July 2012

A new game has been released! This time, you control a little character in a 2D Jump'n'Run and try to find your way through the levels. Check out the Zloxx II page for more information.

Thor 2 and Aurora

March 2012

There is a couple of news:

As this is the time to break un-proven concepts and to refine the API design, I am really glad about any feedback concerning Aurora or Thor. As soon as the major tasks have been completed, I'll focus again on the realization of new features.

Thor 1.1

March 2012

Finally, another version with precompiled binaries has been released. This release aims to be compatible with SFML 2 before the new naming convention, for people not wanting to adapt all their projects. Meanwhile, I am working on the next Thor version, where several parts are going to be changed.


October 2011

For months, Thor has been the one and only topic of my homepage. But since I also occasionally develop games, the time has come to announce Airport. Your goal is to coordinate airplanes and to lead them savely to an airfield.

Thor C++ Library

April 2011

Version 1.0 of the Thor C++ Library has been released! Thor is a framework that provides advanced functionality on top of SFML. Click here for a detailed description.